How to buy art while helping children in need

Have you heard that for the month of May the money received from art sales at the Liberty Building will be donated to Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery? We are very excited to be involved in this fantastic event and wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the organization behind this event, C.H.Arts. C.H.Arts was founded by Denny Carman and Tracy Dupuis Roland and the event this Friday is the culmination of their hard work and dedication to our community.

We sat down and asked them a few questions about this philanthropic organization.

CHARTS Letterhead Icon

What inspired the creation of C.H.Arts?

Denny ~ C.H.Arts mainly came to be, because both Tracy and myself wanted to help kids in our community. And we figured the best way to help, was through the Arts somehow, so we started C.H.Arts.

What brought you and Tracy together on this project?

Denny ~ Tracy was showing her work for me at the Blue Door and she mentioned that she wanted to figure out a way to help kids in our community with her art, and I told her I would love to be involved. So we got together and just started brain storming on what we could do, and started C.H.Arts.

How has the community responded to this event?

Tracy ~ We were overwhelmed by the generosity of Shannon Ahern; Owner of the Liberty Building to offer to host our inaugural art sale at the Liberty Gallery free of rent and commissions. The in-kind donations made by Christina Deubel to Curate the show, praise by Mayor David Condon, donated advertising by Art Chowder, Hotel RL, Spokane Talks Online, Art Hour, Spokane Arts, the donation of refreshments by Yokes, Egger’s and Art Seed, and of course the very generous artwork donations by the CHARTS artists!

Denny meets Mayor Condon

Denny meets with Mayor David Condon about C.H.Arts

What do you have planned for the future of C.H.Arts?

Denny ~ We plan on moving forward with C.H.Arts and helping other organizations that care for Children. We want to raise more funds, but we will have to sit down to make more decisions for C.H.Arts and the best way to move forward. I want C.H.Arts to grow in the future and help as many kids as we can.

Stop by Friday May 5th from 5-9pm to see all the fantastic art on display throughout the Liberty Gallery.  Remember all artwork sold will be a 100% donation to Vanessa Behan!  This is the perfect time to pick up a piece of work from one of your favorite local artists!

See list of participating artists HERE


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