What is Auntie’s Angel Tree?

Give the gift of reading to a local child in need.

It is that time of year again when Auntie’s beloved Angel Tree towers above the bookstore.  It is always a wonderful site to walk into the Liberty Building and see everything decorated for the Holidays but we wanted to make sure that you know the details of the ornaments found on our tree.


Auntie’s Bookstore owner John Waite puts the angel on the top of the tree while the one and only “Auntie” holds the ladder for him.

The angels that you see covering the tree are Christmas wishes from local children in need, waiting for you to fulfill them.  Auntie’s has been hosting the Angel Tree since they first moved into the Liberty Building (That was over 20 years ago).  The tree has grown and so has the need.  This year Auntie’s has over 500 Angels on the tree!  That is 100 more than last year & a lot of children waiting on books.  Auntie’s needs your help to make all of these wishes come true.  Stop by anytime in the next couple of weeks and choose a name from the tree and buy the coordinating book or make a donation to the cause.

Fun Fact:  The Liberty Building, originally named the Kemp and Hebert Building, has a rich history in Christmas tradition and legend has it that the Christmas trees in those early days filled the entire atrium and you could reach out and touch the branches from the upper floors.  That would be quite the sight to behold!

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