Coloring and Painting inside Auntie’s Bookstore

Upcoming Events Catered to Creatives, You Won’t Want to Miss!
Coloring and Coffee – February 27th 2pm

Beautiful Grounds and Aunties Bookstore are partnering up to bring you this fun event. The popular trend of Adult coloring brings us back to a time when things were similar. The soothing repetitive motion of the crayon or pencil and the satisfaction of finishing something that can look quite pretty. Pair that with the delight of Spokane’s finest coffee served up in a fun and interesting setting, and you have a recipie for a quality afternoon. Bring a friend, have a chat and enjoy coffee and coloring.
Saturday February 27th and 2p.m.
cost is $5.00 at the door.

Painting for Booklovers: Watercolor – March 10th 3pm12670054_10153869398864417_2685410685378007186_n

We all love Auntie’s. Come on over for a chance to experience our favorite bookstore in a new way. Bring your favorite waterproof pens and learn about sketching and painting on location-picking your subject, working out a good composition, determining a comfortable place to sit while drawing and more, followed by picking your own scene and painting in the store. Go home with new skills and a little piece of Auntie’s. Watercolors, brushes, and paper will be provided by instructor. If you have your own watercolor set or watercolor sketchbook, feel free to bring it!

Price: $25 cash
Max class size: 8 people
Registration Deadline: Monday, March 7th at 6 pm.

About the Instructor:
Megan Perkins is an artist, teacher, and Pacific NW native. Her favorite thing to do as a child was to draw and make art and that hasn’t changed! Since moving to Spokane she has taught art and craft classes to children and adults at the Corbin Art Center. She believes that everyone has the ability to make art and has made it her mission to help people unlock their own creativity.

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