All Aboard the Star Wars Bandwagon!

Uncle’s Game of the Week: Star Wars X-Wing

If you or someone you know has the fever, and just can’t get enough of Star Wars, then Uncle’s Games Puzzles and More can help. They sport a large selection of Star Wars games. And the king of them all is “Star Wars X-Wing” from Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars X-Wing at Uncle's Games

Star Wars X-Wing at Uncle’s Games

This is a beautiful miniatures game featuring fighters of all types. From the iconic Millennium Falcon, to the Tie Fighter, to the X-Wing itself, you pilot a squadron of ships around the board in an epic dog fight. Great for Jedi Masters and Padawans alike! And if the force is strong within them, I would even recommend this game for young-lings. Supervision may be required, as some of the ships are a bit delicate. It’s not the most complicated of the Star Wars games, but it is one of the most satisfying. While it’s designed to be played with two people, the game lends itself well to playing as teams. Each person can control one or two ships instead of the whole group. Star Wars X-Wing is the most popular Star Wars game we carry, and for good reason. Come into Uncle’s Games sometime and they’ll show you how to play. 


Star Wars Books at Aunties Bookstore

Auntie’s Bookstore also has a wide variety of Star Wars books.  Everything from pop ups to origamI instruction books, to Rey’s Survival Guide, Auntie’s is sure to have a Star Wars book for the fan in your life.

Board Game Night Tonight

Tonight is open play board game night at Uncle’s! Come bring your friends and your games and play through the night! Learn a new game or two, and share your favorite!

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